Tonight after a day of yoga by the beach, playing with a pug puppy, laughing with lovely ladies, my dear friend whipped up this easy, fast and absolutely delicious vegan mac and cheese! It is so much better than the mac and cheese I usually make, and is so incredibly easy. I was blown away. PLUS – its also gluten AND soy free!


(These quantities use a full box of noodles, which serves between 2 and 4 people, so just half the recipe if you’re cooking for less)

Box of Quinoa Gluten-Free Elbow Pasta – we used the one by Ancient Harvest, it comes in a teal box (You can use another gluten free pasta but these macaroni noodles are seriously the best I’ve had)

3/4 cup – 1 cup almond, rice, or soy milk (we used rice milk)

3/4 package Cheddar-style Daiya cheese

Seasoning – salt and pepper, paprika (optional). We used a 21 flavor seasoning.

Sesame seeds – optional

Cook the elbow noodles according to the directions on the box. These are great noodles – they get big and have the perfect texture.

After cooking the noodles, drain, then return to stove-top. Add the milk on a medium heat. As you add the milk, add slowly – You can always add more.

Slowly add the cheese, using a little handful at a time. Continue stirring the pasta the whole time. If you don’t want it so heavy – add less cheese.

Add seasoning and sesame seeds if desired. Stir on medium heat until cheese is melted and is gooey.

Remove from stove-top and serve!

Thank you to my lovely friend Erin, also known as “Ray.” Please let me know how you like it!